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How to make a change for an old homecoming dresses?

Generally speaking, Homecoming Dresses can be worn for one time, maybe you will not use it later until you move it out or your mother ask you what to do with you old dresses, but, do you know, in fact, you can make some changes for the dress so that you can wear it into different kinds of occasion, maybe people will not know that this is an old dress it you change it successfully.

Now, I would like to give you some tips about change the dress.

1. Add a bold belt, this can draw people’s attention from your dress to only the waist. Wide belt works better for this. Or dear you can sew a new ribbon on the dress, this can make your dress looks popular, you can sew the ribbon along the edges of the dress, at the waist, down the sides or along any other seams that the dress already has.

2. Make a change of the dress lengthen, you can make the long prom dresses into a short one, and so, it can appears in some occasion which is semi-formal. Cut the dress to about an inch longer than your desired length, pin the fabric up to make an even edge and hem it to your new length. Knee-length dresses are especially cute.

3. Add some sequins or beadings to the bodice party of the dress, you can add some beading or sequins to the part or the whole dress, other people will not know it is an old dress…


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