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What you have to bring for your homecoming?

You have had you phone, tickets, date, Homecoming Dresses, what other things you have to bring for you homecoming?

Here is something we suggest you to take with for your homecoming:

One camera:

It’s so easy to ditch a regular digital camera for the camera on your phone these days. For everyday pics of your food and selfies, camera phones are great. But for some special days, one professional camera is necessary, it can help you take every moment for your happiness with your friends, and it can also be your forever memory….for pictures, for video, you can put them on internet to share happiness with your friends.

An extra $20:

Extra $20, you may need it for a taxi, you may need some drinks and French fries, make sure that you have some extra money in you pocket in case you need it.

3. Bandaids:

There will be some happened thing happening if wear a pair of new high heels…in order to avoid this from happening, please take with some bandaids, as you know, bandaids works well for the new shoes.

4. Condoms:

This is necessary for you to have condoms, because maybe you are suddenly in the moment that you want to have sex…so, to protect yourself, one condom at least is necessary…

5. A mini mirror:

Perfect for makeup touch ups on the go, mini mirrors can save your life. Especially when you accidentally have food in your teeth. Eep!

Of course, lipstick or lipgloss, Peppermints, gum or breath strips are also necessary, I suggest you to take them in…


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