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How to Ask A Guy to Prom

No doubt that prom is one of amazing and great memories for high school students! High school girl always dream that they can have lots of fun and dance in their perfect cheap prom dresses under 100 and prom dresses under 100 with their dates at prom. Well, if you think most of the guys at your school are either unattractive, taken or player, you can try to date someone out of your school.

You may think that asking a guy to prom is not so good. Well, actually, you can go to prom with the guy you are really interested in and feel special, that would be so precious moment in your life.

How to ask the guy you have a rush on to be your date in a cute way?

Drop hints if you’re still stuck on the idea that you’d like to be asked. Many guys are shy to speak out their love in front of the girls they like, they just need more confidence. So, you may try to flirt with him, drop obvious hints and show him he is caught your eyes!

Find some nice opportunities and let you naturally drops a question into conversation. For example, he says “That was an awesome movie.” You can reply, “Yeah, do you want to go to prom?” Floor him with your confidence and make him wonder if he actually heard what he thinks he heard. Take it easy, and don’t be nervous!

Girls also can do something romantic or creative to impress the guys! Such as, putting a note in his science book or leaving the question on his car after school. By these cute ways, both of you and the guy can get more interesting! Give him a day to try to figure it out and then reveal it to him with confidence that assumes there’s no way any guy could ever turn you down.


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