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How to Curve Your Pumpkins?

“Waiting a Halloween pumpkin in your bedroom?” what are you going to carve a pumpkin for this Halloween Costume? An awesome pumpkin is as important as a creative halloween catwoman costume or mickey halloween costume! It is a necessary part for a perfect Halloween night!

If you have no idea that what to curve pumpkins, you can use these easy patterns and stencils for carving regular pumpkins or fancy jack o’lanterns! No matter for scary patterns, traditional cute pumpkin face, or monogram templates, there are some great pumpkin pattern for you!

Of course, you should find your pretty stoked perfect pumpkin at first, and then you can have some pretty art on it later!

And no doubt you can get lots of fun to curve an interesting pumpkin face! I am pretty sure carving pumpkins instead of doing homework is the proper way to spend a boring Wednesday night!


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