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How to make a change for an old homecoming dresses?

Generally speaking, Homecoming Dresses can be worn for one time, maybe you will not use it later until you move it out or your mother ask you what to do with you old dresses, but, do you know, in fact, you can make some changes for the dress so that you can wear it into different kinds of occasion, maybe people will not know that this is an old dress it you change it successfully.

Now, I would like to give you some tips about change the dress.

1. Add a bold belt, this can draw people’s attention from your dress to only the waist. Wide belt works better for this. Or dear you can sew a new ribbon on the dress, this can make your dress looks popular, you can sew the ribbon along the edges of the dress, at the waist, down the sides or along any other seams that the dress already has.

2. Make a change of the dress lengthen, you can make the long prom dresses into a short one, and so, it can appears in some occasion which is semi-formal. Cut the dress to about an inch longer than your desired length, pin the fabric up to make an even edge and hem it to your new length. Knee-length dresses are especially cute.

3. Add some sequins or beadings to the bodice party of the dress, you can add some beading or sequins to the part or the whole dress, other people will not know it is an old dress…

Special Way to Ask Your HIM for homecoming

If you are seeking a special, unique way to your prom party, they to get some method from those girls:

1. Sock it to Him! Maybe sometimes, it is the simple way to invite him to homecoming, How about give him a pair of socks, maybe a paper in the sock is good: “It would sock if you didn’t go to winter formal with me.”…so, maybe a pair of formal black sock which he can wear for party to match your homecoming dresses is a good way…

2. T-Shirt Secret, the girl Allie Hodgen is very creative with her dance. She got a white t-shirt, and then wrote the names of a bunch of girls all over it… in washable marker! But, she wrote her name in permanent marker. Her date was then presented the shirt and told to put it in the washing machine to reveal who wanted to take him to the dance, if you would like to go to with this way, try to be mystery as long as you can…

3. Homemade Scavenger Hunt, Mekayla Melahouris, a girl who is a Junior, she want to ask her boyfriends to go to prom with him, she placed the construction paper arrow around the playground which he will practice after school, after her boyfriend find this, he said yes…

In my opinion, which way to you wants to invite him for prom, that is depend on yourself and the really situation, you can combine this with her characters and then decide it…Now that you’ve got your dance proposal figured out, you just need to figure out who should pay for what! Hint: It’s totally okay to split everything, especially when it’s a costly dance like prom dresses.

How to Choose a Perfect Homecoming Dress

For a high school girl, perfect homecoming dresses are one of the most important part for homecoming…homecoming is less formal than prom, so, sometimes, one short or knee-length dress is welcomed by them, on shoulder dress, strapless dress, the simple, classic style are popular for homecoming…in fact, there is no need for you to spend a lot for homecoming, some cheap homecoming dresses under 100 are also a good choice. The most important is to make yourself be special; unique which will make you feel confident and comfortable with what you are wearing…

Some tips for you to choosing homecoming dress

1.  Bring your friends with you when you are choosing homecoming dresses, if you never had homecoming dress before, please do not forget to take your friends with you, because she can help you pick something that is appropriate for your school’s homecoming, and your friends will be honest with what looks good or not good.

2.  Try to have variety of colors for the dress, this can help you decide which color is the best choice.

3.  Move and dance around in the dresses when you try them on. This will ensure that the dress is comfortable and that you are able to move freely in it.

4.  Please do not forget to ensure your size; it can not be too tight or too loose, or you will not be comfortable when you are on your dancing…

First Come, First Get

As all of you know, the busiest season has coming with the halloween costumes holidays…Overseas buyers are shopping online everyday to get their perfect dress, Halloween customs, and also the Christmas gift everyday…this is almost the hottest season for shopping online…

I would like to share my experience for shopping online with such as bust season, because I have suffered one, which has almost ruined my all holidays…

Firstly, this is also the most important, that is you have to try your best to choose trustable and reliable site to shop, sometimes, a large of stock is very important, especially for the Halloween costumes and accessories…I will always like to contact with me customers to check the stock before I add them into my shopping cart…

For the second side, when you are shopping online with some customized size products, such as zentai suit, prom dress, or wedding dress, you have to make sure its processing time and then place order, as I was told before that As most manufacturers will not accept costumes customize service like: removable mask, crotch zipper, aperture face, open eyes when Halloween is coming around, so, if you need this service before you place order, I think you have to check this…time for tailoring and time for shipping, this is very important when you are place order, because as you know, Halloween and also Christmas are very busy with shipping…Such as, if your homecoming is 15th, October, now, it is the right time for you to ordering your homecoming dresses, because you have to leave some time to make some changes for this…

What you have to bring for your homecoming?

You have had you phone, tickets, date, Homecoming Dresses, what other things you have to bring for you homecoming?

Here is something we suggest you to take with for your homecoming:

One camera:

It’s so easy to ditch a regular digital camera for the camera on your phone these days. For everyday pics of your food and selfies, camera phones are great. But for some special days, one professional camera is necessary, it can help you take every moment for your happiness with your friends, and it can also be your forever memory….for pictures, for video, you can put them on internet to share happiness with your friends.

An extra $20:

Extra $20, you may need it for a taxi, you may need some drinks and French fries, make sure that you have some extra money in you pocket in case you need it.

3. Bandaids:

There will be some happened thing happening if wear a pair of new high heels…in order to avoid this from happening, please take with some bandaids, as you know, bandaids works well for the new shoes.

4. Condoms:

This is necessary for you to have condoms, because maybe you are suddenly in the moment that you want to have sex…so, to protect yourself, one condom at least is necessary…

5. A mini mirror:

Perfect for makeup touch ups on the go, mini mirrors can save your life. Especially when you accidentally have food in your teeth. Eep!

Of course, lipstick or lipgloss, Peppermints, gum or breath strips are also necessary, I suggest you to take them in…

Homecoming and Homecoming Dancing Party

Homecoming, as the words meaning, it also has another meaning, it is come home, it is a time to celebrate the school you have attended. After you are graduated, you can back to your town and school to see friends, reminisce the past days in the school.

Generally speaking, homecoming always happened with football games, basketball, soccer and hockey games, and it always happed in some universities and also high school.

Homecoming activities always varies from school to school, but, generally speaking, Spirit WeekPep Rally, Ball Games, Homecoming Court, Homecoming Parade, Homecoming Dance, Homecoming Banquet, Inexpensive Homecoming Dresses are necessary. The celebration starts within the school on Monday and then ended on the weekend, it will last about one week.

What is a Homecoming Dance Like?

Homecoming dancing usually happened on Friday and Saturday night after the spirit week. Almost every student can take part in, no matter what grade they are in, some of them take it as a semi-formal party, but, some of them take it as usual, and there is always DJ and band. Some of them happened in school and some of them are not in school.

For some students, it is a special night with your boyfriend, girlfriend, some of them treats it as a big day for dancing, and also some of them choose to spend it with their friends. No matter how, homecoming is a chance for all the students to take party in and enjoy the happy time.

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Nice Ideas for Homecoming Dance

Lots of sweet high school girls have been started looking for their dreamy Inexpensive Homecoming Dresses for the coming homecoming night. Well, how much do you know about homecoming?  Want to enjoy a great homecoming in your gorgeous cheap homecoming dresses, there are some useful information.

There two big events for fall homecoming, football game and homecoming dance! Homecoming dance is typically the kickoff for the cool football season at high school or university. How to prepare and enjoy a unique homecoming dance, there are some tips.

Nice decoration

Whichever theme is decided upon, a starry ceiling could likely apply, adding a whimsical touch. To create, string white Christmas lights across the ceiling in rows or in a scattered, criss-crossing nature. Once they are secured in place and plugged in, Tack the edges of a dark blue, translucent fabric onto the edges of the ceiling and drape across so they cascade down a bit before attaching to the other side of the ceiling. The twinkling lights will be visible through the material loosely covering them, resembling a sparkling night sky.

Choose the Right theme

Choose a theme for the event to help focus the decorations and attire of those attending. The theme could be a simple formal one where the guests are asked to dress in gowns and suits or an exotic theme such as a luau. Other common homecoming themes could include a casino theme, pirate theme, Mardi Gras theme or even a decade theme, such as the 1950’s sock hop or 1980’s bright and trendy theme. Use the decorations, as well as the costumes worn, to make the selected theme prevalent. A theme could be decided on by a homecoming committee or left to a student body for a vote.

Few Tips Well Preparing Your Homecoming

How time flies! The summer vacation is going to an end, and it is time to back to school. For most high school students, there is a big event waiting there that is the annual homecoming week. Most girls are starting preparing their Dresses for Homecoming, looking the newly trends of Homecoming Dresses 2015 to make sure finding themselves perfect Homecoming Dresses.

Of course the dance party, preparing your homecoming dresses is the most important thing, and what you should take into consideration when select the dress? Here are some tips might help you.

First of all, you should know clearly about your body shape and style then according to that pick yourself the right length and cut. Always a full length and a knee length one are better choice.

Then go well know of your school dresses code, which will be great help for you. As most of homecoming are held in fall, some in spring, so things like the fabric , color and pattern are better being taken into consideration with the weather.

Give yourself a few options and plans for your homecoming dresses, so it’s better for you to search it in advance and know an estimate time when you can decide the dress.

Also accessories are key to perfection. Remember that once you have the perfect dress, if accompany with some pieces, it will be better. So as well as your own look like hair and makeup. Try to keep healthy, and look more hairstyles and learn makeup.