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How the Kids Do It Now: Prom

Prom Dresses
Right now across the country, high school seniors (and a few select juniors) are preparing for the seemingly unchanging ritual that is prom dresses. While the basic contours of the celebratory evening have stayed the same over the years — there is a dance, and the kids dress up for it — the rise of social media has changed how that evening plays out. The Wire talked to three seniors at a Catholic high school in Pittsburgh about what they’re doing to get ready for the big event, starting with the promposal and ending with the after party. Their prom is in two weeks.

The dress is still a major part of the prom experience, but girls no longer have to worry they’ll show up wearing the same one as a classmate. The girls in Brittany and Jamie’s class made a private Facebook group to post photos of their dresses so nobody purchases the same gown.

And while prom dresses haven’t gotten any less expensive, online services let girls rent them for the night instead of buying. You can rent the $995 Nicole Miller “Living a Dream” gown for $80 on Shoes and jewelry can be rented, too.

Guys rent their tuxes, and some plan to match their dates. Vinny explains, “I got a little sample of my girlfriend’s dress that she got when she got it hemmed, so I’m just going to take that to the mall with me and try to match a tie.”

The Dance

This part hasn’t changed much. Vinny recalls, “Last year we had it at a pretty upscale place, and we sat there and had dinner.” The dancing part goes on for a couple hours, thanks to a hired DJ. “I thought [the music] was pretty good,” Vinny says. “I took selfies with friends at the dinner part of prom,” Brittany offers.

“I know this year, I think they’re trying to do some black light theme,” Vinny says. “I’m not sure how that’s going to work, but apparently the girls think it’s going to be great.” They’ll vote for a Prom King and Queen on scraps of paper at the dance.

The kids aren’t doing much twerking, however. Vinny explains, “I think a lot of people try, but especially at the Catholic school, the teachers watch very closely.”

Become The One You Want to Be

More and more people care other’s opinion. Actually, you are the one who you are. Others indeed do not know your feelings. When you are happy, they have no sense of your smile. When you are crying, they just could sweep your tears, but they failed to reduce your sadness. So, if you are favor of charming Prom Dresses, delicious food. Just go ahead and make it.
Prom Dresses
Yes, when you are wearing a Fashion Prom Dresses to a party,  others just can fall in love with your appearance. Instead, they never fell your felling in the deep heart. Maybe, you are nervous. Or you are excited. Even before the party, you went to the shop  for the Prom Dresses 2016, it took many days to make a decision.
Prom Dresses 2016
All in all, how others may become you and do things instead or yourself? In this big world, we really have no need to care much about others. Time flies. Our life time is extremely short. At the moment you want to buy dresses, go and buy. No matter what others may judge. When you are thirsty of food, go and eat. Although you might be fatter. But all the things you should keep in mind is that you just need to be healthy. Sometimes, you are jealous for girls’ sexuality, good body shape.  But how do you know their feeling when they are losing weight and taking weight-loss pills?

To Be The Prom Queen

Everyone has a dream, especially for the girls. They always want to dress themselves nicely. For example, if they go to a prom, to a large extent, they would like to choose beautiful Prom Dresses. Maybe they will select Sweetheart Prom Dresses so that they can get lots of attention from those who dress ordinarily.

I think all girls definitely want to be the prom girl in the prom night no matter she is rich or poor. What is sweeter than the prom night? Nothing, but to select one proper prom dresses and then dress up, dance all the day. Your Prom Style is making your effort to be the prom queen. Perhaps some girls would struggle with choosing one fabulous red carpet worthy dress to make them look young and cute, but it is unnecessary for you to fear. Some sweetheart prom dresses feature both short and long dresses with sweetheart necklines. Some is bejeweled or plain and some cut all shapes, sizes, fabrics and complexions. Besides, you can let yourself be elegant or sexy or cute .This depends on your own idea. So many choices for you! So be confident and someone always have the difference with you.

Keep yourself look confident and don not forget to smile. Once you succeed, you may know how to attend another prom and what will be prepared next time. By the way, if you like, do keep the favorite prom dress you wore this time in your big wardrobe and make it be your permanent good memory.

Some Annoyance of Fat Women

If you are a fat woman, which trouble do you have? I’d bet that you can express so many problems. One of my girlfriends told me her great trouble is that she has to buy Plus Size Special Occasion Prom Dresses when she takes part in every ball. And it is difficult for her to buy the appropriate ball gowns and show her prom style. It looks as if it is really an annoying thing.

Which place for the fat women to purchase Graduation Dresses? How can they show their prom styles? What kind of dress do they buy? What kind of cosmetics should they make up? These problems are unintelligible for them. If one fat woman can not choose one beautiful prom dress, make up exquisitely, when she participates the prom and dances, it will look ridiculous. In fact, the fat women gets up her courage to join the prom finally, if she dresses like a witch, there is no doubt that her pride will be hurt. After all, comparisons are odious. Therefore, it is important for fat women to know how to make up and what to wear in different occasions.

The topics discussed above are just small trouble. If some women do not like dressing herself and take part in the social event, that appears unimportant. Some fat women worried more about their health. It is not convenient for them to walk, run and engage in physical activities. They suffered from serious illness easily. Moreover, fat women are not confident. There is no temperament for them because of obesity. So many problems need to be settled.

But when it comes right down to it, no matter how fat you are, do not worry too much. I believe that you can also obtain pleasure and happiness from the world.

How to Ask A Guy to Prom

No doubt that prom is one of amazing and great memories for high school students! High school girl always dream that they can have lots of fun and dance in their perfect cheap prom dresses under 100 and prom dresses under 100 with their dates at prom. Well, if you think most of the guys at your school are either unattractive, taken or player, you can try to date someone out of your school.

You may think that asking a guy to prom is not so good. Well, actually, you can go to prom with the guy you are really interested in and feel special, that would be so precious moment in your life.

How to ask the guy you have a rush on to be your date in a cute way?

Drop hints if you’re still stuck on the idea that you’d like to be asked. Many guys are shy to speak out their love in front of the girls they like, they just need more confidence. So, you may try to flirt with him, drop obvious hints and show him he is caught your eyes!

Find some nice opportunities and let you naturally drops a question into conversation. For example, he says “That was an awesome movie.” You can reply, “Yeah, do you want to go to prom?” Floor him with your confidence and make him wonder if he actually heard what he thinks he heard. Take it easy, and don’t be nervous!

Girls also can do something romantic or creative to impress the guys! Such as, putting a note in his science book or leaving the question on his car after school. By these cute ways, both of you and the guy can get more interesting! Give him a day to try to figure it out and then reveal it to him with confidence that assumes there’s no way any guy could ever turn you down.

Special Way to Ask Your HIM for homecoming

If you are seeking a special, unique way to your prom party, they to get some method from those girls:

1. Sock it to Him! Maybe sometimes, it is the simple way to invite him to homecoming, How about give him a pair of socks, maybe a paper in the sock is good: “It would sock if you didn’t go to winter formal with me.”…so, maybe a pair of formal black sock which he can wear for party to match your homecoming dresses is a good way…

2. T-Shirt Secret, the girl Allie Hodgen is very creative with her dance. She got a white t-shirt, and then wrote the names of a bunch of girls all over it… in washable marker! But, she wrote her name in permanent marker. Her date was then presented the shirt and told to put it in the washing machine to reveal who wanted to take him to the dance, if you would like to go to with this way, try to be mystery as long as you can…

3. Homemade Scavenger Hunt, Mekayla Melahouris, a girl who is a Junior, she want to ask her boyfriends to go to prom with him, she placed the construction paper arrow around the playground which he will practice after school, after her boyfriend find this, he said yes…

In my opinion, which way to you wants to invite him for prom, that is depend on yourself and the really situation, you can combine this with her characters and then decide it…Now that you’ve got your dance proposal figured out, you just need to figure out who should pay for what! Hint: It’s totally okay to split everything, especially when it’s a costly dance like prom dresses.