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Walk at Forest in Your Favorite Zentai Suit

If you can not have fun with your friends all the time, you probably should try to wear zentai suit and walk in the forest! If you want to wear your awesome zentai suit at some public place, but worry other people stare at you, forest is absolute nice choice!

When weekend is coming, just wear your lycra spandex suit and go outside! And of course, don’t forget to take your camera, because take some nice shot is fun! I trust for most of zenta enthusiasts, they had great experience of walking at forest in zentai suits!

Enjoy the beautiful nature in your favorite suit, there is no annoying noise, no cars, no pollution, but fresh air, green trees, you can just completely enjoy a different world, enjoy yourself, release stress, that’s so amazing!

In addition, it must be very interesting experience for wear several zentai suits together! And actually, if your zentai is made with high quality spandex lycra, you are able to see out clearly! So, don’t worry you will fall down when you walk in several zentai suits! What’s more, for most of zentai enthusiasts, it’s a pretty nice feeling of being tight!

Homecoming and Homecoming Dancing Party

Homecoming, as the words meaning, it also has another meaning, it is come home, it is a time to celebrate the school you have attended. After you are graduated, you can back to your town and school to see friends, reminisce the past days in the school.

Generally speaking, homecoming always happened with football games, basketball, soccer and hockey games, and it always happed in some universities and also high school.

Homecoming activities always varies from school to school, but, generally speaking, Spirit WeekPep Rally, Ball Games, Homecoming Court, Homecoming Parade, Homecoming Dance, Homecoming Banquet, Inexpensive Homecoming Dresses are necessary. The celebration starts within the school on Monday and then ended on the weekend, it will last about one week.

What is a Homecoming Dance Like?

Homecoming dancing usually happened on Friday and Saturday night after the spirit week. Almost every student can take part in, no matter what grade they are in, some of them take it as a semi-formal party, but, some of them take it as usual, and there is always DJ and band. Some of them happened in school and some of them are not in school.

For some students, it is a special night with your boyfriend, girlfriend, some of them treats it as a big day for dancing, and also some of them choose to spend it with their friends. No matter how, homecoming is a chance for all the students to take party in and enjoy the happy time.

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Three Questions before Buying A Zentai Suit

If you are planning on buying your first zentai suit, maybe this topic is helpful, because it figure out some of questions that you may worry about lycra spandex suit!

1. Is zentai suit difficult to move in? Do people can breathe easily when they are in the suits?

It is pretty easily to move in, and of course, it is breathable. Because most of zentai suit are made of spandex lycra, the fabric are stretchy.

2. Does the flash expose skin underneath the suit, when you take pictures of you are in a suit?

For the question, just take it easy, most of zentai suit is thick though, that means there is nothing show through even when expose to a camera flash! If you still have a little worry, you can consider some deep or brilliant colors zentai suit, and avoid white or yellow, these light color suits!

3. Whether it is able to be paint or not?

It is interesting that lots of guys like to paint on their zentai suits! Actually, you can paint on your suit you want, well, due to the fabric is extremely stretchy, so you may find it is hard that craft paints work well on them, and the paint may flake off.

Nice Ideas for Homecoming Dance

Lots of sweet high school girls have been started looking for their dreamy Inexpensive Homecoming Dresses for the coming homecoming night. Well, how much do you know about homecoming?  Want to enjoy a great homecoming in your gorgeous cheap homecoming dresses, there are some useful information.

There two big events for fall homecoming, football game and homecoming dance! Homecoming dance is typically the kickoff for the cool football season at high school or university. How to prepare and enjoy a unique homecoming dance, there are some tips.

Nice decoration

Whichever theme is decided upon, a starry ceiling could likely apply, adding a whimsical touch. To create, string white Christmas lights across the ceiling in rows or in a scattered, criss-crossing nature. Once they are secured in place and plugged in, Tack the edges of a dark blue, translucent fabric onto the edges of the ceiling and drape across so they cascade down a bit before attaching to the other side of the ceiling. The twinkling lights will be visible through the material loosely covering them, resembling a sparkling night sky.

Choose the Right theme

Choose a theme for the event to help focus the decorations and attire of those attending. The theme could be a simple formal one where the guests are asked to dress in gowns and suits or an exotic theme such as a luau. Other common homecoming themes could include a casino theme, pirate theme, Mardi Gras theme or even a decade theme, such as the 1950’s sock hop or 1980’s bright and trendy theme. Use the decorations, as well as the costumes worn, to make the selected theme prevalent. A theme could be decided on by a homecoming committee or left to a student body for a vote.

Few Tips Well Preparing Your Homecoming

How time flies! The summer vacation is going to an end, and it is time to back to school. For most high school students, there is a big event waiting there that is the annual homecoming week. Most girls are starting preparing their Dresses for Homecoming, looking the newly trends of Homecoming Dresses 2015 to make sure finding themselves perfect Homecoming Dresses.

Of course the dance party, preparing your homecoming dresses is the most important thing, and what you should take into consideration when select the dress? Here are some tips might help you.

First of all, you should know clearly about your body shape and style then according to that pick yourself the right length and cut. Always a full length and a knee length one are better choice.

Then go well know of your school dresses code, which will be great help for you. As most of homecoming are held in fall, some in spring, so things like the fabric , color and pattern are better being taken into consideration with the weather.

Give yourself a few options and plans for your homecoming dresses, so it’s better for you to search it in advance and know an estimate time when you can decide the dress.

Also accessories are key to perfection. Remember that once you have the perfect dress, if accompany with some pieces, it will be better. So as well as your own look like hair and makeup. Try to keep healthy, and look more hairstyles and learn makeup.

How about Your Halloween 2015

The beautiful August has been coming. Today, when I woke up, just heard a cool Halloween song. It’s so amazing that I could have a special morning because of the song. It’s so hard to describe the feeling that listening to some crazy Halloween songs in August. So awesome!

When it comes to Halloween 2015, are there any nice out of box ideas for your Halloween 2015? I am so excited for halloween catwoman costume, candy and gory decorations.

Halloween is roughly two months away, personally speaking it is the perfect time to start mickey halloween costume plotting! What are you going to dress up?

Maybe you can make a list of your favorite halloween spirit costumes, and ask your friends’ suggestions, to choose the best one for you! Plus, you can start planning a theme for your yard decoration. To get what a centerpiece for your Halloween yard decoration, and prepare them. You can get lots of fun for Halloween from now on.

Here, I have a point for Halloween, Halloween is not a holiday, but it’s a lifestyle. The lifestyle seems to be a little crazy, well, to show some real of our personality!

Ideal Bridesmaid Makeup

Bridesmaids, as an important part of wedding, that always will go together with the new couples, especially the bridal, with their beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses, enjoying the big day with their best friend.

And now just coming to the wedding season, lots of new couples like to hold their wedding in this season. For this year, new bridal always will prepare Bridesmaid Dresses for Sale or the newly Bridesmaid Dress 2015 for their girlfriends to make sure all of them will be beautiful like the bridal in that day.

In fact even the makeup of the bridesmaids’ will be prepared by bridal so that they will look complementary to the bridal. However, that does not mean every of the bridesmaid should take exactly the same makeup. Here are some tips that can help bridesmaids keep a fresh looking whole day.

First of all, do remember to use your own makeup that can suitable for your skin tone and type.

When selecting the makeups, do remember to pick up the one by season and time, like some shimmery ethereal tones in summer, rich caramel and auburn hues in autumn, and dramatic jewel tones with sparkle in winter.

Pay special attention to your eyes, as for a long whole day wedding, stress and sleepless, bridesmaids’ eyes might get dry, red and irritable, so just remember to carry a bottle of moisturizing eye drops with you throughout the day to keep your eyes bright and sparkling. Take time and do some rest is a must for eyes.

Last but not the least, do remember to arm yourself with some touch up tools to make sure you can keep a clear makeup whole day!

The difference between zentai, morphsuits and catsuits

What is zentai?

Zentai, comes form the Japanese word “ゼンタイ/全身タイツ : zenshin taitsu “, the meaning of the word is refer to one kind of garment which cover the whole body.

The original zentai suit was made by the lycra, generally speaking, also the face was covered. But now, zentai can be made by many other fabrics, such as PVC, shiny Metallic.

What is morphsuits?

In fact, the meaning of morphsuits is almost the same with zentai, but, some fans think that zentai suit is more fetishes, but a morpusuit is having more fun.

A morephsuit also has those following two characters, the first is the that they are lycra spandex suit, and the second one is that they are with full body suit, the orginal morphsuits, as for me, it is one kind of one color full body zentai suit, but, later on, some of them are with some patterns, such as leopard, stripes and flag.

What is Catsuit?

Catsuits, generally speaking, it is one piece of garment that covers legs or arms, generally speaking, it is made by lycra, chiffon, leather, there will be on zipper at the front of the back. They can be worn by women or men.

Now, there are some variations based on zentai, such as mummy bag, hybrid suits which just contain one leg or arms, or just covered the legs but without arms.

New Trends Wedding Fashion of 2015

I believe that many of you—girls having your own favorite wedding dress, no matter you are married or not, there is one piece of dream wedding dress you want to get, so, you have noticed the latest fashion of wedding dress, now, I would like to share some with you of the latest wedding dresses 2015.

As you know, white for wedding dress is always the symbol for holy and loyal, and it will never out of fashion, But now at the time of countless popular elements the pursuit of personality is ahead in fashion, if you doubted them now I show some examples for you.

The famous American wedding dress designer Monique Lhuillier, her style is elegant, sexy, and lace is the main cloth for her wedding dress, she has the opposite style with Vera Wang, but, it can still give you romantic and sweet feeling. Special lace pattern combined with the gauze of sense make the bride more likes fairy which graceful and charming.

Another famous designer, Compare with short wedding dresses, Douglas Hannant is famous for his long wedding dress, he can break rules at the shoulder, his ideal are always boldly, he always make the dress mystery, sexy, romantic and also unique.

But who is the 2015 wedding dress star? I believe it is the Oscar de la renta, his main design: blue flowers pattern give us a fresh in the summer, amazing…


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