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Best Wedding Favors Idea

When prepare a wedding, there must be a lot of things need to be taken into consideration. Such as the most important Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses and other Wedding Accessories. There are also many other thing should be prepared which need to be well selected, like the place to held wedding as well as those small gifts–wedding favors to thank your guests who joining the wedding and sharing this big happiness day with you.

In terms of wedding favors, which have two main purposes that are enhance the decor of the table, and offer the guests a practical purpose. Often FOOD, like small cute candies and lucky cookies are traditional and classic first hand option for most couples as wedding favors.

And it is true those candies and cookies can best express the sweet of this big day.

But nowadays, couples want to prepare those favors that can be really used in guests later days. As a result, more useful favors comes out. Such as a shopping bag even sunglasses as many weddings are hold outdoors with big sunshine.

And most hot trendy recent years for wedding favors are trees’seeds. A tree symbolizes strength, life, vitality, roots. Is there a more perfect symbol for marriage?

More couples also tried new ideas to thank their guests with warm words in creative ways.

Ideal Bridesmaid Makeup

Bridesmaids, as an important part of wedding, that always will go together with the new couples, especially the bridal, with their beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses, enjoying the big day with their best friend.

And now just coming to the wedding season, lots of new couples like to hold their wedding in this season. For this year, new bridal always will prepare Bridesmaid Dresses for Sale or the newly Bridesmaid Dress 2015 for their girlfriends to make sure all of them will be beautiful like the bridal in that day.

In fact even the makeup of the bridesmaids’ will be prepared by bridal so that they will look complementary to the bridal. However, that does not mean every of the bridesmaid should take exactly the same makeup. Here are some tips that can help bridesmaids keep a fresh looking whole day.

First of all, do remember to use your own makeup that can suitable for your skin tone and type.

When selecting the makeups, do remember to pick up the one by season and time, like some shimmery ethereal tones in summer, rich caramel and auburn hues in autumn, and dramatic jewel tones with sparkle in winter.

Pay special attention to your eyes, as for a long whole day wedding, stress and sleepless, bridesmaids’ eyes might get dry, red and irritable, so just remember to carry a bottle of moisturizing eye drops with you throughout the day to keep your eyes bright and sparkling. Take time and do some rest is a must for eyes.

Last but not the least, do remember to arm yourself with some touch up tools to make sure you can keep a clear makeup whole day!

New Trends Wedding Fashion of 2015

I believe that many of you—girls having your own favorite wedding dress, no matter you are married or not, there is one piece of dream wedding dress you want to get, so, you have noticed the latest fashion of wedding dress, now, I would like to share some with you of the latest wedding dresses 2015.

As you know, white for wedding dress is always the symbol for holy and loyal, and it will never out of fashion, But now at the time of countless popular elements the pursuit of personality is ahead in fashion, if you doubted them now I show some examples for you.

The famous American wedding dress designer Monique Lhuillier, her style is elegant, sexy, and lace is the main cloth for her wedding dress, she has the opposite style with Vera Wang, but, it can still give you romantic and sweet feeling. Special lace pattern combined with the gauze of sense make the bride more likes fairy which graceful and charming.

Another famous designer, Compare with short wedding dresses, Douglas Hannant is famous for his long wedding dress, he can break rules at the shoulder, his ideal are always boldly, he always make the dress mystery, sexy, romantic and also unique.

But who is the 2015 wedding dress star? I believe it is the Oscar de la renta, his main design: blue flowers pattern give us a fresh in the summer, amazing…